An unique youth-led program that hires and trains teenagers to become Community Organizers 


        Young Governors is a youth organizing program model that hires and trains teens to be Community Organizers and address issues in their community. 

        The program was created by Delia Kim and started in Spring 2011. The teenagers who join the program meet at New Life Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) in Elmhurst, Queens.

Mission Statement

"Equipping youth with the tools they need to create positive changes with their peers, families, community, and the world."


"Empowering communities by empowering youth."

        The goal of the program is to identify, train youth leaders in the community and support the work of these youth to make positive changes in their community. Young Governors goes beyond youth development practices with collective empowerment techniques of youth organizing, striving for systemic change.

        Through this program model, youth will be seen as the vehicles for change in the community, instead of the problem, as is often the case in today’s society. They will be empowered to be the advocates, organizers, and educators among their peers through workshops, projects, and service. 

                                   Work Hard. Dream Hard. Play Hard 

      We are not only about work, but also about having fun and carrying teamwork along

                                  Who says teens can't do anything? 

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but YG is my NUMBER 1

                                                  One word: Synergy 

The most little thing you do can end up making a huge difference

Y so G?

Together, we put our dreams, hope and wishes into action

One team, Same dream

Moments that make us a team