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Elmhurst Community Garden

What started as a small seed yesterday led to a tree that bears good fruit today.  Through our executive director, Redd Sevilla, we were informed that there was a vacant lot that was filled with trash. We were inspired to transform the lot into a garden. The owner graciously allowed us to use his land, and with wonderful volunteers our Community Garden was born! 


Most of the food harvested was donated to the Food Pantry at New Life CDC so, helping out  both the local pantry and the community. Moreover, a greenhouse was built by Young Governors and Young Volunteers, with the help of New Life Building Manager, George Cuffe. This allowed for planting in the winter. 


Later on,  beautification events were held to clean up and expand the garden. In these events, YG recruited volunteers to plant beds, flower centers, a rock path to the greenhouse, a fence at the front, a seating area composed of wooden logs, and etc. The YG also gave out planting beds to the community so they can grow their own plants. 


From 2011-2014,  we worked to expand and beautify the garden. The Young Governors hoped this garden stood out as an important piece of the Elmhurst community and brought the community happiness and unity.

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