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Our goal

Covid-19 has negatively impacted local restaurants within the Elmhurst community. As Young Governors, our goal is to resolve that by helping these restaurants get back on their feet by promoting them. We hope that you can check out some of these spectacular restaurants and give some thoughts of visiting and supporting them in any way you can.


Patacon Pisao

Patacon Pisao is an authentic Venezuelan restaurant that first started out as a food truck in Washington Heights. Founded by Liliana, the first Patacon Pisao opened up in Elmhurst and later expanded to the Lower East Side. Patacon Pisao’s most famous dish is Patacon Paisa, a delicious sandwich made with plantains. Despite challenges the pandemic may have placed on restaurants, Patacon is still thriving! So if you’re looking to try some new and flavorful food, Patacon Pisao is a top pick!


Pulau Pinang

 Pulau pinang is a very unique place that specializes in Malaysian food. Join in to get a taste that will wow your taste buds and allow yourself to experience a unique taste that is separate from the public. 

Please support this unique restaurant as they struggle due to COVID-19 especially in terms of being able to hire waitresses.



Summer is a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant in Elmhurst. It serves delicious sandwiches and noodle soups along with a wide variety of bubble tea. As a result of the pandemic they had to become more delivery-oriented, so go support them!



JoJu is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that really values customer satisfaction and service. JoJu prides itself on modern Vietnamese sandwiches and their menu is packed with spectacular Vietnamese delicacies. JoJu’s customer service and food quality are top notch, definitely a place to order from if you’re in Elmhurst!

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