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"Go Green Elmhurst" with Summer Boost Kids

Posted by Young Governors on August 3, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Summer Boost Kids: Who are they?


They are kids who currently join the 2013 Summer Boost Camp at New Life Fellowship Church in Elmhurst.


Why “Go Green Elmhurst” with Summer Boost kids?


To make sure that our real events in the parks will be as successful as possible, Young Governors had decided to run a practice event on last Friday (Aug 2nd) with about 20 kids in the Summer Boost Camp. We ran this practice event not only to test the outcomes of our planned activities, but also to bring fun and teach these small kids about 3R.


What happened? Did the kids have fun? Did the kids learn something from our event?


The event started by Young Governors introducing ourselves in front of the small kids. They looked at us with those curious and innocent eyes, feeling excited about our event. Some kids even called some YG members’ names out loud, since they had been knowing us who also worked and volunteered in Summer Boost Camp.


It was a relief when the kids are open to us.


After introducing ourselves, we told the kids briefly about how we need to protect the environment by 3R. To my surprise, those kids have already known that 3R means: Reduce, reuse, recycle. They shouted those words out so enthusiastically, which somehow made my heart drop to think about how some adults who don’t even know what 3R means, how a lot of people are polluting the environment, and how these kids will grow up facing more natural disasters, more pollution, more diseases than we do right now.


We started the event by the Scavenger Hunt. The kids were divided into two teams, each team was led by one YG member. And their challenge was to collect as many bottles in the room as possible.


It was so difficult to take a good photo because the kids were running around fast to find and collect bottles.


She was pointing at the bottles her team had collected


The kids were counting their bottles. (Sorry for the poor quality of this photo)

                                                                                           Look at how many bottles they had gathered!


After the Scavenger Hunt, we gathered the kids into a group, gave every one of them candies as prizes, and told them the purposes of our game. We told them that whether their team won or lost was not important, because the whole point of the game was just for them to have fun, and to remember that next time, when they saw bottles scattered in streets, pick those up and throw into the garbage cans. "So, next time, when you see bottles littered in the streets, what will you do?” Happiness swelled inside me to hear their voices echoed somewhere: "We will throw the bottles into garbage cans!"

In the next 30 minutes, we organized three different activities: can tossing ( in which the kids will throw bottles and cans into garbage cans from a far distance), learning how to make paper bags and painting the bottles.

Can tossing

Painting the bottles

The kids were waiting to learn how to make bags from newspapers.


At the end of the event, we hold a performance in which the main character is a Trashy who teaches kids about recycling, reducing and reusing.

The kids loved the performance, even though we YGs are not professional actors and actresses. And more important than ever, they learned the message from our show: protect the environment.

                                                                                                                    Our group photo!

 I couldn’t stop smiling when looking at this photo. She loves the newspaper bag.


Even though the event only lasted for 2 hours, and this is just a practice event, Young Governors are thrilled with happiness to think that we have delivered the eco-friendly message to these kids whose beautiful souls shine like gold. Please grow up, be well, keep smiling and protect the environment like you once shouted: “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” one friday of your childhood…

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