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Choosing project topic

Posted by Young Governors on August 1, 2013 at 11:45 PM

Currently, Young Gorvernor program is running its third year and the Young Gorvernors are in the process of planning for their events, which will happen soon in August. The events are all related to one main topic: POLLUTION.



But why did they choose this issue in their community to tackle?


It was not simply because pollution is what we see in the community. We did not choose this issue from merely our perspective! Indeed, we carried out the Community Assessment, in which we went out of our office, talked to many people from many places in the community like: bus stop, stores, parks…etc and gathered hundreds of results about what issues in the community that disturb people.




We then based on many factors, such as the issue that receives highest number of people complaining, project potentials and even a debate to find out what issue we will be sticking with for the rest of YG year.



It was a interesting, but serious and straining debate that lasted for almost 3 hours.



And POLLUTION was chosen!


We have been working rigorously many days to prepare for the events. Of course, nothing is perfect and there are still flaws, but we are learning and working. We put our hearts into work and hope to create a better community.


So support us!


Thank you for reading!

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