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"Go Green Elmhurst" in Elmhurst Park

Posted by Young Governors on October 6, 2013 at 12:25 AM

On August 17th, Young Governors 3rd year launched their first community project in Elmhurst Park. Called "Go Green Elmhurst", this event attracted almost a hundred kids who came to this park. Many parents shared how thrilled and thankful they were by the laborious preparation as well as devoted spirit Young Governors had put into coordinating this event.

For people who have no idea what "Go Green Elmhurst" is, it is an event by Young Governors 3rd year, who desperately want to tackle the community issure "Pollution". In this event, they came up with three "green" activities for kids, a performance and a speech, in hope of educating kids about environment protection and inspiring them to "get involved". 

The event lasted from 10 am to 4 pm. The weather was at first cool, but got hotter as the time passed. From around 10:30 to 11 am, the Young Governors and Young Volunteers spreaded out around the park to advertise about this event. Some people got curious and brought their kids to join the first activity: "The Scavenger Hunt"

In this activity, the kids tried to find plastic bottles, which had been scattered around the park before by YG members. They had to put what they collected in the newspaper bags. Of course, there were YG supervisers who accompanied the kids all the time.

After giving out prizes and telling the kids to always remember picking up trashes scattered in the street like what they did on the Scavenger Hunt, Young Governors divided the kids into two group. One group learned how to make bags from newspapers; another group can draw anpain on bottles about environment, plant seeds and take what they did home.

In the newspaper bag table, the YGs were trying their best to guide kids through some complicated steps of the making process. The weather was burning; yet, the kids were eager to learn.

All the bottles that YGs prepared for paining activity were used on this event. There were many bottles with beatiful and creative drawings. Moreover, those kids' artworks prove how they can learn to care for and love the environment.

In the advertising table, Young Governors displayed brochures of the events, and some sample of recycled crafts.

At 1 pm, Young Governors hold a performance, in which they reenacted scenes from the Frog moral story.

After that, a speech was delivered with all the messages YGs wanted to spread to parents and children. They wished to spread awareness about pollution, tell parents that protecting environment means protecting their kids, educated children about the importance of keeping the earth green.

Young Governors said:

"...The environment will be polluted more, global warming will speed up, the cities I am living in will be submerged under the ocean, and even more terrific, the ones who will be directly dealing with diseases, and natural disasters because of pollution are not us, but the children. The small kids you are holding, and caring, and loving each day, can you imagine they will be the victims facing the consequences of what we are doing today to the environment? Don’t let it happen. Be deaf to negative saying that we can’t do it. The solutions are in our hands, so why don’t we do it to save earth – our only homes and save our children – the ones we love?..."

At the end of the event, everyone was tired, but the memories of "Go Green Elmhurst" would be encarved in their minds forever.

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