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Mini Projects by the Young Governors' Trainees

Posted by Young Governors on February 1, 2014 at 8:40 PM

On January 31 and February 1, the Young Governors trainees launched their first mini community projects. These events mark a significant transformation in the Community Organization Training, since last year, the participants had not had the opportunities to implement their own projects.


Guided by the YG veterans, the two groups came up with community topics which are Littering and Bullying. The first group, led by Stephen Sam, after the painstaking research, had produced a short movie touching on this issue. All the works: filming, acting, script writing and editing were carried out by the participants themselves in one week.


One day later, the second group, with the leading of Tony Fang, carried out their clean-up project in Broadway Park. Kerlisa Ramkissoon, a freshman shared that thanks to this project, she felt more knowledgeable about Littering – a subject deemed controversial in Elmhurst community. Ramkissoon spent one hour to finish two conspicuous posters that clearly delivered the message the group wanted to share with Elmhurst residents. “Don’t be bitter, stop the litter” and “Keep littering and you will end up in your own filth”, the two posters said.


The weather on Saturday morning was slightly icy, yet not windy. The thick layer of snow had melted; the sky was bright and cloudless. At 11 AM, The Young Governors Trainees eagerly set out to Broadway Park. Melissa L. Villodas, an intern in New Life CDC who accompanied the group on this day complimented on the event. “I think it is great…It is good that they are keeping the tradition and staying focused on their goals, ” she said. Indeed, Young Governors had been doing this voluntary work in Broadway Park, which was filled with trash, bottles, cigarettes, nylon bags since 2010.



Tenzin Tsepak, a sophomore in New Town High School stated that his group wished to do this event to raise awareness in the community. “Many people litter because they don’t know the consequence,” he said. Merlyn Bonilla, a sophomore from High School of Arts and Business, while picking up garbage shared that she felt “disgusted by people littering”. Other YG trainees excitedly talked about their experience. “I feel like a different person,” “This old lady says God bless you kids…She said she is gonna pray for us,” some said in happiness.


Lizhong Zhang, however, also straightly expressed his opinions. He wished that more people would be on time and there should be better preparation. Several people were not equipped with gloves to do their jobs.


After the event, the participants came back to the Upper Stage Room in NLFC to join an evaluation, where they could discuss, share their feelings and ideas. Some felt proud and accomplished. Some said they had done a great thing for the community. Some were thrilled by the appreciation from passers-by. “Coffee cups, bottles, newspapers were everywhere. Now it is all gone,” a trainee declared.


From all the projects, the Young Governors program wants to challenge the stereotypes thrust upon youths, wishing people to realize that there are young people who do care to make a change in the community.


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