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Our Trainees Celebrated the End of Their Training

Posted by Young Governors on February 4, 2014 at 8:40 PM

The Community Organization Training for high school students has expired. During this week, ten people have been chosen from the group of 28 trainees to become the Young Governors 2014. They will sit in the official YG working room, debate, get training, get paid, do research and take actions to tackle issues in Elmhurst Community.


To compliment on the arduous efforts the trainees had devoted to the one-month training, YG program organized a great small celebration with pizza and beverages for the trainees to enjoy while sharing their experience, thoughts and writing their reflections after the YG training.


On this day, the trainees also paid kudos to each other for the great work during the mini-projects. According to the YG leaders, this was a way for the members to “acknowledge people’s contribution”, thus strengthen the teamwork connection and encourage them to reach their best potentials.


A girl complimented on the work of the editor and the director who created the video about Anti Bullying, saying that without them “we would not be able to do it.” Jo Yee Yap was praised for stepping up and becoming the main actress in the video; Kerlisa Ramkissoon was applauded for making posters; Jennifer Chang received thanks for “showing the pros and cons” in the group debate. Another said kudos to everyone in both groups for contributing their efforts in the Broadway Clean-up, for “respecting each other and treating each other equally”, “for spending time and efforts on this program”. They also did not forget about their leaders, stating that “Tony and Stephen helped us get though this.”



Young Governors veterans and the trainees


Delia Kim, the director of the program, shared with all the trainees: “Not receiving the phone calls [that accept them to the program] does not mean that you are not worthy of getting in. As far as I am concerned, everyone is able to become a great Young Governor.” Indeed, the criteria for choosing Young Governors are not their performance in the trainings, but their house locations, availability for the program and attendance/ lateness in the trainings.


On Friday February 7, the new Young Governors had their first meeting with each other. According to Delia Kim, they would continue receive training related to community organization and do actions simultaneously to apply what they have learned.

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