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Scavenger Hunt to discover Elmhurst Community

Posted by Young Governors on February 22, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Joining The Scavenger Hunt in Elmhurst area has become a tradition for Young Governors each year. Exploring different locations in Elmhurst, the teenagers develop in-depth knowledge about the community that they will be working for in future. On February 22, under the beautiful weather, Young Governors 2014 engaged in a two-hour adventure in the local areas.


Divided into two teams: “Awesome” and “Rocket”, the young community organizers got out of their working room at 11 a.m. During the two hours, they went to many locations such as Broadway park (where the veterans organized many events), Cafe Hooloo ( which has partnership with our program), looked for signs and talked to residents to accomplish their “missions”.



Team Rocket discussed before the Scavenger Hunt






Katherine, a member of team Rocket, commented that thanks to this fun Scavenger Hunt, she had “learned more things about the community” and the residents. Katherine came to food places she had hardly known before, learned about a man who lived in Flushing for thirty years and loved her experience.



Team Awesome before the adventure





Merlyn, a member of team Awesome said that Elmhurst people were nice as they did not hesitate to give the team advice during the Scavenger Hunt. She learned that a lot of people had been living here for twenty years and felt more knowledgeable about the area.


During the evaluation of this activity, Jennifer, a member of team Awesome declared that the team work was “impeccable”, since the teammates worked together, discussing about locations, strategies, directions and so on.


All of the Young Governors gave this activity 4 out of 5 stars, sharing that the only moment that was not fun about this Scavenger Hunt was when they could not find places or people described in the guidelines.

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