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How do I join YG? How often are the meetings?

Email to apply! YG meets every Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from January to August. Our training occurs around January or February and is open to all teens. The training is one month long, 3 days a week. We seek to expose more teens to the skills learned in the training, even if they do not plan to join YG.


Can I still be involved if I am not accepted into the program?

Don’t worry! Teens that do not make the program are welcome to become Young Volunteers, who can engage in the program with lower commitment. Please email if interested! 

Who leads YG?

Delia Kim Sorto, LMSW started Young Governors in 2011. Delia is responsible for leadership development, training, and fundraising. The meetings are led by the youth themselves and run by the youth facilitators, who are returning YGs that are trained for leadership in their second year.


Are YGs paid for helping their community?

The teens are paid by stipend in order to validate the important work they do in the community. For most, it is their first source of personal income. Many members put in extra time beyond what is expected; between meetings and volunteering programs, which is not included in the stipend.  But as little as it is, most of the teens in the program need the money. And they are learning to be financially responsible at the same time. We teach them about budgeting and saving and making good choices when it comes to money. 


What are the outcomes of being in YG?

The teenagers who participate in the program will:
- Be gainfully employed while they are in the program.
- Develop important life skills through the training and the implementation of the projects.
- Become active citizens through their work as community organizers. 
- Increase self-esteem and self-confidence through their accomplishments.
- Be more proactive about how they see their world by learning how to identify and address issues

How does YG get involved with team building?

YG holds several weekly meetings and team-building events to establish closer relationships with fellow members and learn about trust, efficiency, and open-mindedness during interactions with peers.

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