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Our YG Administrator Graduates

Annie (Amy) has been working/ contributing to the program greatly for the last four years. She has coordinated many events, recruited young volunteers and kept the program away from chaos. From a shy girl four years ago, Annie has transformed into a confident, creative and charismatic leader who wishes to empower other youth and change the community we live in.

Now, going to college, Annie is leaving this high school program to enter the next chapter of her life. Watch this video to know what she has to say.

On Friday, July 25,2016 thanks to the generosity of PIMCO volunteer team, our teenagers had a chance to visit PIMCO office, get individualized help for college preparation and receive constructive advice from PIMCO employees. 

Young Governors Corona  

CompleteTheir Training!

On Saturday, July 19,2015 the prospective Young Governors Corona successfully accomplished the last day of their community organizing training.

The diverse group was composed of over fourteen teenagers, coming from different schools and cultures. As different as they were, the trainees proved to be passionate about what they were learning.

 Project Planning Workshop with Emiko, Community Organizer

Young Governors expands to Corona!

The dream of our program has always been expanding to as many places as possible. Guess what, after months of careful planning, we are happy to announce the launch of Young Governors program in Corona. 

Come to our orientation on June 7, 3pm-4pm to know more about the program, about how we learn to make a difference in the community (plus getting paid!).

Hope to see you there!

Project Topic: Stereotypes

For Young Governors, it has never been easy to choose a project idea to implement. It is not because they lack ideas or passion for solving community issues. On the contrary, they have discerned so many issues that it becomes difficult to narrow down and choose a topic that affects them and everyone in Elmhurst Community most.

After months of discussion, they have finally chosen STEREOTYPES. The decision is based on their Community Assessment: interviewing people who live in Elmhurst Community, talking to teenagers, organizing workshops.

However, it will be a new challenge to come up with what they will do solve this serious problem.

Stay tuned and if you can, support by sending us your ideas about stereotypes! Any ideas or stories count.

Fundraiser Result:

We would like to thank all the guests who donated/spent your precious time coming to our fundraiser. Without your staunch support, this program could not be where it is today.


This is the detailed list of how much we raised for the program:

Trip to Baruch College

Baruch undergraduates from the school’s Student Government spent their time during Spring break coming and discussing with our teenagers about leadership and college experience.
Scavenger Hunt to explore Elmhurst Community 

Joining The Scavenger Hunt in Elmhurst area has become a tradition for Young Governors each year. Exploring different locations in Elmhurst, the teenagers develop in-depth knowledge about the community that they will be working for in future. On February 22, under the beautiful weather, Young Governors 2014 engaged in a two-hour adventure in the local areas. 

The Young Governors and Young Volunteers Celebrated Lunar New Year with Elmhurst Residents

On Sunday afternoon, February 16, the Young Governors and Young Volunteers joined the parade and resource fair in the fourth annual Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by Council Member Daniel Dromm in Elmhurst, Queens.

Our Trainees Celebrated the End of Their Training

The Community Organization Training for high school students has expired. During this week, ten people have been chosen from the group of 28 trainees to become the Young Governors 2014. They will sit in the official YG working room, debate, get training, get paid, do research and take actions to tackle issues in Elmhurst Community.

Mini Projects by the Young Governors' Trainees

On January 31 and February 1, the Young Governors trainees launched their first mini community projects. These events mark a significant transformation in the Community Organization Training, since last year, the participants had not had the opportunities to implement their own projects.

The Community Organization Training Encourages Teenagers to Step out of Their Comfort Zones

The Young Governors Program has added new elements to the one-month training, making it more active, interesting and beneficial to the teenagers. Participating in both 2013 and 2014, a junior in high school commented in surprise, “They change it so differently.”

The Young Governors Program has embarked on a new journey

On the first Tuesday of 2014, despite the icy weather that dropped below 4 degree Fahrenheit, almost all new members came to the Community Organization Training by the Young Governors program.

After an icebreaker where all the teenagers shared their names as well as meanings behind those, the prospective Young Governors for 2014 participated in the Blanket game and other activities. Many people burst into laughter despite the fact it was the first time after the YG orientation that they met each other. Saddique Mushtaq, a sophomore in high school who came to the training the first time said: “I think this program is cool. We help people”. Samidha Tamang, a prospective YG also shared that she was happy to join the training.