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YG Year 9

This program year made YG history by being the first (and hopefully the last) team to organize successfully through a ravaging pandemic. With countless hours on Zoom, hosting surveys, compiling research, conducting focus groups and interviews, playing, and sharing many laughs, we are proud to say that we did it! Thank you for an incredible year, YGs! Thank you so much to our supporters and donors and anyone who helped us in any way, big or small. THANK YOU! We are grateful and deeply appreciative of all that you have done. Check out our projects page to explore what we did this year!
Jane C - Co-Facilitator
Wendy L - Co-Facilitator
Ashley R - Intern/Coach

Christine C (Returning)
Mandy Y (Returning)
Juan G
Jenny H
Thrisha L
Aniqa N
Ethan V
Vicky Z
Ada W
Joanna J


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