Young Governors

"Empowering communities by empowering youth."

Young Governors 2011-2017

They are young people whose ages range from fourteen to seventeen.

They not only touch on but also tackle issues in the community with team work and passion.

They are committed and hard-working people who do not mind meeting up three times a week throughout the year to learn, discuss, plan projects and make a change. 

They are young and they can make mistakes. However, they never give up and always move in one direction: forward.

Full of potential and energy, they are Young Governors

The teenagers who participate in the program will:

- Be gainfully employed while they are in the program.

- Develop important life skills through the training and the implementation of the projects.

- Become active citizens through their work as Community Organizers. 

- Increase self-esteem and self-confidence through their accomplishments.

- Be more proactive about how they see their world by learning how to identify and address issues